Benefits of Wearing Underwear: A Surprising Health Advice


You might have never thought that there’d be a lot more to learn about underwear than just “wear it, change it, wash it, and repeat” right? But, it is much more than majority people think. If we talk from health point of view, the underwear must be changed frequently and should always remain clean to avoid getting infections.

Top 7 Jetiquette Suggestions For Private Aviation


There is an etiquette for performing any action in the world. Same goes with your behaviour while traveling on a private jet, which is commonly known today as ‘jetiquette’. Are you surprised? Yes, here are some suggestions which you can follow to ensure that you and other passengers in an aircraft enjoy the best experience of the private aviation.

Thing’s You Can’t Miss Out In Andorra

Madriu Valley

Bathe in the mountains at Escaldes-Engordany

Have you ever considered showering on a mountain? Presently you can in the spa town of Escaldes-Engordany, abutting the capital. Delighted in since the time that Roman times, the characteristic hot springs here are ideal for mitigating tired muscles following a day trekking or skiing. The town additionally water crafts some wonderful Romanesque engineering.

Facts That Will Drive Your Heart To Stay In Andorra

  • Tax-Free Living

As per a survey, it was found out that Andorra offers a very low overall tax rate in the developed world. Income tax, corporation tax, wealth tax and inheritance tax are zero here. Sales tax is mere 4% and local property taxes amount around 0.05 % per annum. Andorra is a zero tax state so residents of Andorra need not lighten their pockets on paying taxes every year.