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Benefits of Wearing Underwear: A Surprising Health Advice


You might have never thought that there’d be a lot more to learn about underwear than just “wear it, change it, wash it, and repeat” right? But, it is much more than majority people think. If we talk from health point of view, the underwear must be changed frequently and should always remain clean to avoid getting infections.

While some people like to go commando (without wearing underwear), but the majority of people prefer to wear underwear because of the following benefits they are aware of.

You Can Look More Sexy

Going commando leaves you with nothing but being on complete display. And if get lucky, no matter how hot you are, it can make your partner think of you as creepy.

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Makes You Feel More Comfortable And Confident

In the case of males, they always prefer to buy underwears that helps to boost their self-esteem and it is one of the biggest reasons why people choose to wear underwears today. The underwear industry now offers a wide range of styles to make them feel more confident and comfortable.

It Is More Hygienic

Hygiene may not be the important factor here for the popularity of underwear but it was one of the reasons. If you prefer to go commando, you’re risking a minor rash that can happen to your private areas when the skin chafes against the pants. Also the risk of pubic lice and crabs is increased too.

Helps You Maintain Privacy

Speaking of embarrassing moments, wearing underwear can help you avoid being completely on display or unwittingly flashing in the public. Plenty of people have malfunction in wardrobe and wearing underwear can save you from those embarrassing moments.

Healthy Benefit of Cotton

Choosing the right fabric of underwear will make a great difference in terms of comfort as well as health. The cotton fabric absorbs moisture, which can encourage bacterial growth, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. And, the cotton helps to ventilate the area which is especially important for athletes.

Helps to Avoid Chafing

Chafing is a skin irritation that happens when skin often rubs against clothes. Every time you go commando, you’re putting your private parts at risk. The fabric of your jeans, pants and shorts are grinding your private parts. Such clothes are not designed to be gentle on sensitive parts.


Going commando is definitely not a good way to achieve comfort and freedom. It can only put you at health risk. And for avoiding bacterial infections, wearing underwear is strongly recommended.