Lose Weight Faster In These Simple and Easy Ways

lose weight

If your major goal is just losing weight and exercise more than you should, avoid deprivation diet and marathon workouts. A research shows that taking baby steps is the best way of getting long lasting results.

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Here are a few simple steps which you can follow to boost up your weight loss.

Pick Up A Pen

Eating a bag full of chips without thinking may result in easy polishing off your diet. Instead, you can write down how much you have eaten and this will more likely urge you to practice portion control and lose weight rapidly. A food journal will help you in controlling extra calorie intake in 2 ways: It provides you a reality check on your eating and creates an awareness of what are you eating. So knowing what are you eating and when are you eating helps you figure out your eating habits and bring them back in control.

Skip Through Commercial

While being on a diet it is important that you utilize every second of your day. Whenever people get free time they tend to watch TV and be a couch potato for hours and hours. But experts say that you can also lose weight while watching your favorite TV show. You can skip, dance, go up and down some stairs when there is a commercial break during your favorite TV show. It is said that while watching a typical 2-hour TV show you can burn around 270 calories a day if you do small exercises in every 2-minute break.

Limit High-Fat Foods

A major way through which you can easily lose extra weight is by avoiding eating high-fat foods such as chips, fries, ice-creams, cookies and candies. By doing this for a week you will effectively find your weight shifting down gradually.

Sign Up For E-newsletters

In a study, it was found that people who received daily e-mails about diet and fitness regularly for around 16 weeks notably urged into extreme physical activities and consumption of healthy foods such as veggies and fruits.

5 Minutes More

In a research carried out by Dr. Lutes it was found that increasing your daily activity levels just by a few minutes effectively helped participants lose weight faster. Probably your goal should be to exercise 30 minutes a day but not all at a time.

You should cater a bit discipline while you are on a weight loss expedition and avoid such things which can prove to be a hurdle in your weight loss.