Facts That Will Drive Your Heart To Stay In Andorra

  • Tax-Free Living

As per a survey, it was found out that Andorra offers a very low overall tax rate in the developed world. Income tax, corporation tax, wealth tax and inheritance tax are zero here. Sales tax is mere 4% and local property taxes amount around 0.05 % per annum. Andorra is a zero tax state so residents of Andorra need not lighten their pockets on paying taxes every year.

  • Ease Of residency Application

It’s pretty much easy, convenient and cheaper to be a resident of Andorra. Once the paperwork is done and lodged with the immigration authorities then the application will be processed within 6-8 weeks of time.

  • Central European Location

Andorra is considered to be a central European location as it is connected to beaches of Costa Brava and Tarragon and it has a direct connection to the airports in Barcelona, Reus and Gerona, and along with the French Airports in Toulouse and Perpignan.  Thus, we can say that Andorra is a central European location as it is connected to every major European city.

  • Skiing and Mountain Activities

Andorra is considered to be one of the world class mountain venues as a lot of skiing, mountaineering, ice climbing, motor hiking and many more activities are associated with it.

In 2012, Andorra hosted The Alpine Ski World Cup for Women which is one of the most important competition circuits in the world. Grandbvalira and Vallnord are the two major ski areas of Andorra.

  • Life Expectancy

Andorra is ranked to be having one of the world’s highest life expectancy. Andorra has an active alpine lifestyle which has a healthy cuisine influenced by Spanish, Catalan, French and Portuguese residents. Just not that its 80% wilderness makes it a retreat for sufferers of respiratory and bronchial illness.