Top 7 Jetiquette Suggestions For Private Aviation


There is an etiquette for performing any action in the world. Same goes with your behaviour while traveling on a private jet, which is commonly known today as ‘jetiquette’. Are you surprised? Yes, here are some suggestions which you can follow to ensure that you and other passengers in an aircraft enjoy the best experience of the private aviation.

#1. Update your crew to make sure a speedy departure while you’re on the way to airport, so that your captain can liaise with the Air Traffic Control for a quick take off.

#2. To have a great view, choose to sit on the right hand side seat of the plane, facing forward.

#3. As you’re paying a premium amount, you should not make any compromise to avoid a good airline experience. Make sure you take the best advantage of their concierge services.

#4. It is your personal jet, so just feel like home and help yourself for anything you want to enjoy on board.

#5. Although the tip system is not expected in the aviation industry, don’t feel embarrassed to tip the crew.

#6. You should not chat to your pilots until the aircraft is in level flight as the pilots are there for your safety. Once, the flight takes off and aircraft is in cruise, you can wander up to the deck and chat to the pilots. After all, they are your hosts.

#7. While you book for the return flights, ask for the aircraft to remain on the ground between your flights. In case your plans change and you don’t get another flight scheduled, it could result to delay. is a private jet charter dallas constantly helping people to enjoy luxurious traveling in private jets.

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